Roox Race Car Bed Nightstand

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The Roox Nightstand is a special design nightstand made primarily from plywood and MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard). Here are some key features and specifications:

Materials: The nightstand is constructed using plywood and MDF. These materials are commonly used in furniture manufacturing due to their durability and versatility.

Hinge Rail with Slower: This feature likely refers to a hinge mechanism on the nightstand's cabinet door or drawer that allows for smooth and controlled closing. The "slower" mechanism ensures that the door or drawer doesn't slam shut but rather closes gently.

Special Design Nightstand: The Roox Nightstand is described as having a special design, which suggests that it has unique or distinctive aesthetics that set it apart from standard nightstands.

Commode with Special Cup Holder: The term "commode" in this context typically refers to a cabinet or storage space within the nightstand. The special cup holder suggests that there is a designated area for holding cups or beverages, making it convenient for bedside use.

Dimensions: The nightstand has the following dimensions:

Width (W): 14.37 inches

Depth (D): 20 inches

Height (H): 22.64 inches

These dimensions provide an idea of the nightstand's size, making it suitable for placement next to a bed for storing items and serving as a surface for a bedside lamp, clock, or other essentials.

Overall, the Roox Nightstand appears to be a well-designed and functional piece of furniture with unique features and dimensions that make it suitable for use in bedrooms, particularly as a bedside table.

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