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Enhance the enjoyment factor by incorporating captivating adhesive wallpapers featuring educational and entertaining super traffic signs. Elevate the decor of your child's room by using these vibrant wall stickers as a delightful complement to her car bed.

Fostering a dynamic and educational setting for children's growth has gained immense popularity, with wall stickers and decorations serving as key elements. The rising demand for wall stickers themed around traffic lights and road signs underscores their appeal in transforming children's spaces into both visually engaging and educational environments.

Transform Children's Spaces with Educational Wall Stickers: Traffic Lights and Road Signs for a Fun Decorative Touch

In the realm of children's room decor, leverage the impact of wall stickers adorned with traffic lights and road signs to infuse an atmosphere that is both enjoyable and educational.

Product Features:

  • Educational Content: Stickers featuring traffic signs and lights are a great tool for teaching children traffic rules and the meaning of road signs. In this way, children can learn to recognize the signs they encounter in daily life and understand traffic rules.
  • Visual Variety: Stickers containing traffic lights, pedestrian crossings, stop signs, speed limit signs and many other traffic signs enable children to learn while having fun with visual richness.
  • Fun Learning Environment: These wall stickers turn kids' rooms into a fun learning environment. Parents can help their children understand the meaning of these signs and provide a fun learning experience with games, questions, or interactive activities.
  • Easy Applicability and Removability: Wall stickers are generally easy to apply and remove. They can be placed on walls without damaging them and can be removed and moved to another location when necessary.
  • Safety and Quality: Wall stickers to be used in children's rooms are made of non-toxic, child-friendly materials.

Sticker Dimensions:

  • Information and Direction Signs: 4.09" W x 4.09" L
  • Speed Zone Ahead Traffic Sign: 4.92" W x 3.97" L
  • Route Us 66 Traffic Sign: 5.7" W x 5.43" L
  • Racing Text: 13.38" W x 5.11" L
  • One Drive Traffic Sign: 9.44" W x 2.95" L
  • Detour Traffic Sign: 9.25" W x 3.03" L
  • Boy holding Checkered Flag: 21.96" W x 12.6" L
  • Boy holding champion cup: 17.59" W x 13.3" L
  • Body Height Meter (inch - cm): 4.52" W x 75.19" L
  • Traffic Lamp 3-light: 9.64" W x 17.63" L
  • Traffic Lamp Pole: 0.94" W x 25.19" L
  • Racecarbeds Logo 1 (text): 1.81" W x 12.16" L
  • Racecarbeds Logo 2 (car): 12.75" W x 6.57" L
  • Racecarbeds Logo 3: 9.05" W x 7.67" L
  • Stop Traffic Sign: 8.07" W x 7.67" L
  • Parking Traffic Sign: 4.6" W x 4.44" L
  • Large Streamers and Wheel: 33.34" W x 19.29" L
  • Champion Cup: 5.11" W x 8.26" L
  • Small Streamers: 3.93" W x 8.46" L
  • Orange Traffic Barges: 6.1" W x 6.69" L
  • Star Pattern Stickers: 1.96" W x 1.96" L

Product Specifications:

  • Material: PVC-free vinyl for durability and eco-friendliness.
  • Adhesive: Residue-free backing for secure yet damage-free attachment.
  • Print Quality: High-resolution, vibrant colors for a long-lasting aesthetic.
  • Safety: Non-toxic, child-friendly materials comply with safety standards.

Note: Our stickers are sold by the roll, inclusive of all designs.

Box Dimentions: 3,14" x 29,52"

These stickers not only add color to children's rooms, but also provide a fun environment while helping them learn safety and traffic rules. Parents can choose these stickers to suit their children's ages and interests, thus providing both a fun decoration and an educational tool.

Our Race Car Bed Wall Sticker Set is specially designed for kids who dream of head-spinning speed and astonishing vehicles. These are not just stickers, they are an exciting trip to the world of high-speed races right in your kid's room. The high-quality Race car decals, made with attention to detail, represent various bright and colorful race cars that will undoubtedly catch your child's eye.

These easy to apply Race car decals can instantly transform a mundane room into a thrilling racing field. Let your child's imagination step on the acceleration paddle with these lively stickers. The package of wall decals is carefully packed to ensure they reach you in the best condition and will stick to the walls without causing any damage.

Our Wall Sticker set is not just visually appealing, but it's also a fun and interactive way to educate your child. The bright colors and intricate designs can stimulate your child's mind and boost their creativity. So transform your kid's room into a vibrant racing track with excitement at every corner with our Race Car Bed Wall Sticker Set.

Enchanting, vibrant, easy-to-apply – our Wall Sticker set is the perfect addition to your kid's room, promising to create an atmosphere rich in creativity and whimsy. The versatility of these stickers allows you to transform the room into a mesmerizing place where your little one can learn, grow and explore his/her imagination.

The easy installation process and the high-quality material of these stickers ensure they last long and keep their shine intact, making them an excellent investment for sprucing up your kid's room. The variety of stickers in each set gives you unlimited design possibilities. Imagine the seas, the stars, magical creatures, or trendy patterns on the wall; everything is possible with our wall stickers.

Our Wall Sticker set not only focuses on adding a decorative charm but also creates a proper learning environment. The playful imagery of stickers can be used to foster an educational setting, nurturing your child's curiosity. They are easy to remove and don't damage the wall, making changes and adjustments hassle-free. Connect your kids with their dreams in the comfort of their room with these fantastic wall stickers.

Create captivating themes for your little one's space today! Our Wall Sticker set is a simple, cost-effective, and creative solution to elevate your child’s room décor and make it a space they will love to spend time in. Order today to add a fun and charming aesthetic to your child's room.

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